Backup – Off-Site

A backup is a copy of some or all data, applications and operating systems. A remote site backup at another location within your organisation or “In the Cloud” (Off-Site).

Off-Site (Remote) Backup

Advantage of a remote back is that in the event of a total disaster the backup is located in another location. Disadvantage the backup and restore times can be considerably longer than a local backup. It is recommended that an “On-Site” copy be completed for a quick restore of the essential systems..

Why should I do a backup

Backups are usually done for one of the following reasons:

  • Prevent data loss if there is a disaster
  • Fire, hardware or Software failure
  • An intentional or unintentional deletion
  • Computer viruses, malware or other programs that makes the data unusable/corrupted
  • There is a logical/programming error in the data
  • Sudden computer shutdown which can be caused by power shortage

Types of backup


    Normally a complete backup of all Data, Applications and Operating System which means that if the main copy of the data is lost, you can just copy the data back from the backup.
    Selective Full would normally be just Operating System or Applications or Data.

Differential and Incremental

    Differential backups copy all the data since the last Full backup whereas Incremental backups copy all the data since the last Incremental.

Retention Periods

Basically this is the amount of time your wish to retain copies of your data so that you can restore if you have a problem.

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  • Off-Site backup for Disaster Recovery
  • Fast backup and restores from local storage
  • Use of cheap media for local storage
  • Can be automated but requires manual intervention
  • Pay for what you use in Cloud Storage
  • Ability to restore to any location

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