D-LINK Industrial Switches

D-Link Industrial Switches are more than just electronic hardware, they’re vital infrastructure. Rugged, reliable, easy-todeploy, and fast-to-recover, their DIS-series encompasses Fully Managed, Smart Managed, and Unmanaged solutions, all certified against vibration, shock and free-fall. With their highly-durable IP30-rated metal casing, and high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and temperature tolerances, the DIS series is ready to serve, and built to last.

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What Are Ethernet Switches?

Ethernet Switches are used all over the world. They are primary linchpins for sending and receiving information on telecom, enterprise, and office networks. They send and receive data from devices such as PCs, Servers, Wi-Fi Access Points, Surveillance Cameras, and other Ethernet Switches. Usually, they are deployed in buildings or climate-controlled spaces. They use copper or fibre-optic cabling as their transmission medium.

What Are D-Link Industrial Ethernet Switches?

D-Link Industrial Ethernet Switches have primarily the same necessary technological capabilities as standard Ethernet switches, but they’re built to higher standards in terms of connection reliability (enabled a backup power supply) and redundancy (through our Rapid-Recovery Ring architecture) than standard Ethernet switches, while also being ruggedised for deployment in harsher environments, such as those often encountered around industrial facilities, or in situations that are not climate controlled, such as outdoor cabinets.

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  • IP-30 Ingress Protection
  • Wide Operational Temp: -40°to 75°C
  • Certified for Vibration, Shock, and Freefall
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Diverse mounting options (DIN Rail,
    Wallmount, Rackmount)
  • 5-year warranty, 10-year replacement &

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