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Whatever type of business you’re in, you will have crucial information/data stored in your network. Back up your data to protect yourself in case something goes wrong—because losing all or some of your data on your servers and or desktops could potentially damage your business and or its name. It’s always a good practice to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place to ensure you’re your business can recover.

On-Site Backup

On-site backups on hard drives or other backup devices that are directly connected to your Servers, PCs or Local Network.
Backup data stored locally has both benefits and disadvantages.
Benefits include inexpensive backup media, installation and speed of backup and restores.
Disadvantages include potential loss of data through theft and local disaster.

Off-Site (Cloud Backup)

An offsite backup is literally backup that’s stored “off-site” — in a different physical location from where your main files are i.e. a second location or as a Cloud Backup.
Cloud Backup is a term encompassing a multitude of locations hosted on the internet.
Benefits include protection from catastrophic events such as fire or flood. Ability to restore to any location. Disadvantages include speed of data transfer in backup and restore.

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Hybrid Solutions

Offering the best of both worlds a local copy for fast backup and restore with the secondary location off-site.

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