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Email Security
Safeguard your company and employees against data leaks, malware, spam and advanced threats 91% of hacking attacks begin with phishing or spear-phishing. Are your defences ready?

Your organization can’t afford a disruption to business operations — breaches can cost millions and destroy reputations. You dread having to explain to customers and the media how sensitive information got into the wrong hands. Protecting against routine spam, viruses and malware is important, but you also need help responding to new threats and challenges that your current security infrastructure just wasn’t designed for.

Even with training, 23%* of phishing emails are still opened. So protecting the company against human error is a top priority.

Archiving, Risk & Compliance
Keep corporate data safe for instant search and retrieval.

With employees keeping an ever-increasing number of messages and attachments in their archive, storing this data is both costly and difficult to manage. Applying retention policies for regulatory and legal compliance to departments, groups and even individual mailboxes is essential. In the event of litigation, email is often relied on for evidence so you will need to respond quickly without dedicating precious IT resources.

Email archives are a primary record of business communication and a highly valuable corporate information asset – data that needs to be accessible and searchable, not locked away in a vault.

Business Continuity
Keep email running – your business depends on it.

Planning for disaster recovery and scheduling maintenance can be complex, but employees and organizations have zero tolerance for downtime. Downtime means potential lost revenue, and impacts customer service and productivity. When an outage does happen, consistent communication and fast service restoration are an absolute must.

For individual companies, the cost of ensuring zero downtime is massive. It seems the only way to avoid system downtime is by investing in duplicate systems.

Once back online, administrators need to help employees fix problems such as gaps in restored data.

Continuity events are difficult to plan for, respond to and resolve.

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decisive-it: Working with Mimecast


  • Targeted Threat Protection
  • Spam And Multi-Layered Malware Protection
  • Secure Messaging and Encryption
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Secure Large File Sharing
  • Archiving Email In The Cloud
  • Responding Quickly To Litigation Requests
  • Retaining Important Company Files
  • Archiving Lync IM Conversations
  • Always-On Email
  • Complete Administrative Control
  • Access To Email Using Outlook For Windows, Mobile And Mac Apps And Via Browsers
  • Archiving Lync IM Conversations

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