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Working closely with leading hardware and software manufacturers we play a pivotal role in ensuring our clients are using the latest in technology at all times. With hardware and software changing at an ever increasing rate we regularly test and validate the latest platforms well in advance of products being announced to the market. > Contact Us

IT Advice

Our IT Staff plenty experience with a variety of IT solutions and software so that if your IT systems and software are blunting your effectiveness, let us help sharpen your business so that you have a competitive edge, so that you can get ahead.

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Our support service provides piece of mind so that if you have a problem that is affecting your ability to work, we can help you so that the impact is reduced.

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Software Sales and licensing

Being a Microsoft Partner we can offer complete advise across the range of Microsoft Products. Decisive IT Ltd are aslo partners with Barracuda, Exterity, Mimecast, NeoCoreTech, Open-E, Sophos, Xirrus and other application vendors.

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Email Filtering and Archiving

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Perhaps the biggest resource waste from junk email is your time and if only one in four emails is not junk then you’ll be spending a lot of time picking real emails out of the noise, increasing your risk of missing important things. Furthermore about 3-4% of all junk emails contain directly malicious content within the email itself, which can lead to virus infections or other harmful consequences. A further unknown – but likely large – percentage of spam will contain links to malicious websites.

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Wi-Fi Networking

We can provide the right Wi-Fi solution for you regardless of size and scale, so that you always remain connected at a price that is right for you.

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Cloud Services and Data Hosting

decisive-it:  Cloud Services and Data Hosting

Are you looking to move to the “Cloud” and worried about what this means to your business, let us help you understand the differences between “On-Premise” and “Cloud” based services and show the advantages of “Cloud Services”.

Never worry about patching, faulty hardware or network issues again. Cloud Services is designed to deploy your application and keep it continuously available during crashes and failures, redirecting traffic from troubled instances to ones running smoothly. Automatic OS updates mean your application is always secure, without maintenance windows or downtime.

Decisive IT can offer complete:
Hosted desktop
Applications such as Office 365, Off-Site Backups and Monitoring
Complete Server installations
Telephony systems

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