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So what is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is generally broken down into two areas, “Public Cloud” and “Private Cloud”.

So what is a Public Cloud?

A location, on the internet, to store your information Accessible from anywhere you have internet connectivity. Often known as “Off-Site”.

So what is a Private Cloud?

A location, normally under your control, to store your information Accessible from anywhere you have local connectivity and anywhere on the internet with a secure connection. Often called “On-Premise”.

I’ve also heard of Hybrid Cloud what is a that?

Hybrid Cloud are a mixture of Internet and locally based services and locations for storing data. Having a mixture of “On-Premise” and Off-Site” applications and data storage is becoming the norm for most businesses.

So why would we use “Cloud” based applications?

  • On-site and Off-site backups – providing a level of Disaster Recovery
  • Email filtering – not allowing emails containing Viruses and or malware onto your local network and devices
  • Pay-per-use and or subscription based cost
  • The potential to make cost savings and make the business flexible
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