SendGuard detects and warns users of potential risks
before emails are sent out.


Single Package Optimized for Perfomance and Protection

SendGuard is an integrated bundle of our most popular email security Outlook addons. The addons are compiled into a single package for optimized performance.

Send Guard includes Send Confirm Pro for Outlook, Reply Guard Pro for Outlook, Send Rules for Outlook, Attachment Guard for Outlook, Account Guard for Outlook, Delay Guard for Outlook and Subject Guard for Outlook.

Some of the products listed above can also be purchased individually but SendGuard provides the most cost effective way of getting full protection.

Confirm Recipients and Attachments before emails are sent out

Display confirmation prompt to check that email is being sent to the correct recipients with the intended attachments

  • Prompt to confirm recipients before emails are sent out
  • Prompt to confirm (and if needed rename) attachments before emails are sent out
  • Extra warning if email is being sent to multiple external domains
  • External domain names highlighted in red as the greatest damage is caused if the email is sent to the wrong organization
  • Customise prompt with logo, links to policies etc
  • Special filters to control when the message is displayed (e.g. external emails only)
  • (Optional) Log users click/agreement on prompts (as proof that prompt was displayed to user)

Reply and Reply to All Monitoring

Inappropriate Reply-to-Alls are an information risk (when information is accidently sent to unintended recipients) and a waste of productive time (by distracting recipients who did not need the information)

  • Warning prompt when Reply-to-All is clicked
  • Ability to change recipients directly from prompt (without having to go back to the email)
  • Warning prompt when Reply clicked on email with multiple recipients
  • Extra warning if you were BCCed on the email
  • Ability to disable Reply-All and Forward on emails you send out
  • Adds ability to Reply and Reply All with Attachments
  • Adds ability to Forward to original recipients

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Scan outgoing emails to find sensitive content
  • Predefined search patterns for credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers and Employment Identification Numbers.
  • Use RegEx to define your own patterns
  • Search for sensitive words in Subject or Email Contents
    Warn or Block emails

Custom Rules for additional checks on emails before sending

SendGuard’s Rule engine can be used to design and implement your own organization specific checks on emails before they are sent out.

  • Create rules to check and prompt based on your own requirements
  • Use Rules to warn or block sending of emails
  • Use Rules to automatically BCC email based on certain conditions (e.g. to your CRM system)

Productivity tools for working with Attachments

SendGuard includes extra features for working with attachments.

  • Confirmation prompt when emails contain attachments
  • Unselect or rename attachments directly from confirmation prompt
  • Right click to insert names of attachments into email

Log user actions to Windows Log or Text Files

Maintain proof (if required) that a warning was displayed to the user and that, if a mistake was made, it was a user error and not organizational negligence.

Special features for Enterprise Deployment

  • Deploy with preset settings using a Customized MSI
  • Hide Settings screen from users
  • Deploy using GPO, SCCM, msiexec or other installation/packing tool
  • Update settings centrally using GPO using supplied ADMX/ADML files
  • Simplified deployment using MSI and reg file for smaller networks

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